End Game LS of Bismarck
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 Scotto's Application

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PostSubject: Scotto's Application   Sat Jun 07, 2008 7:41 pm

Character Name - Scotto
Race - Elvaan
Jobs (please list 70+ jobs) - SAM, PLD
Sub Jobs - RNG, WAR, THF, NIN
Craft Levels - N/A

Main Job (This is for lottin purposes) - SAM

Sky Access - YES
Sea Access (PM you are on) - YES
Dynamis Xarc Access (or Cities you have flagged) - YES
ToAU Mission - DONE
City & Rank - San d'Oria Rank 9

Previous Linkshells - Manifest Destiny

Reason for leaving your current LS - left game for some months, when i came back, LS had disbanded.

If you have transfered from another server, please give name if different and reason for moving. - N/A

Notable Equiptment - Osode, Sune-ate, Kote, Kabuto, Haubergeon, Rajas Ring, Uthalum's Ring, Rutter Sabatons, Bushi, Brutal Earring, Ochimusha Kote, Sarutobi Kyahan, 2/5 AF2

Playing Time - typically Tuesday Thursday, Saturday and Sunday past 7pm for events, on at all times during the day unless other things come up.

Reason for choosing SpartanS - referred to them, after coming back to game by talking with Dreauce.

What your goals are while you are with SpartanS - assist others with all the endgame content we can manage, gearing the LS up along the way.

Personal Background - 19 year old student, from Northern Ireland.

Name of Member who refered you(if applicable) - Dreauce
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PostSubject: Re: Scotto's Application   Sat Jun 07, 2008 8:31 pm

Welcome to SpartanS M8.
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Scotto's Application
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