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 Read Here Before Applying

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PostSubject: Read Here Before Applying   Fri Apr 04, 2008 1:53 am

Welcome to SpartanS!!

We are a GMT based EndGame linkshell. All of our events are held around 7pm-11pm UK local time. Our current requirements are level 75, access to Sky and Sea, and actively working towards completion of AM's.

Currently Recruiting: Dedicated & Qualified Applicants, if you are not prepared to attend events please do not apply.

Application Process:
We will review your application and contact you in game for a trial pearl. During the trial period you will not receive any payout points and will not be allowed to lot on items unless told by a leader.
Trial period is typically 1-2 weeks. After the trial you will either become a full member or asked to return your linkpearl.

Once you have completed trial your application will be moved to Archived Applications.

Please note the more information you provide us in your application the better your chances are of being accepted.

Please post with this format:
Character Name:
Jobs: (please list 70+ jobs)
Sub Jobs:
Craft Levels:

Preferred Job(s):

ZM you are on:
PM you are on:
Dynamis Xarc Access? (Or cities you have flagged):
CoP Dynamis flags:
ToAU Mission:
Assault Rank:
City(s) & Rank:

Previous Linkshells:

Reason for leaving your current LS:

If you have transferred from another server, please give your old character name if different and reason for moving:

Previous Endgame experience (Sea, Sky, Salvage, Kings, CoP Wyrms, ToAU HNMs, Einherjar)

Notable Equipment/Gear sets for your jobs:

Playing Times:

Reason for choosing SpartanS:

What your goals are while you are with SpartanS:

Personal Background:

Name of Member who referred you (if applicable):
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Read Here Before Applying
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