End Game LS of Bismarck
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 Sanjiyan App

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PostSubject: Sanjiyan App   Sat Jul 26, 2008 9:53 pm

Character Name: Sanjiyan

Jobs: Mnk, Nin, War.

Sub Jobs: Sam 62, Thf 40, WHM/BLM 38, Dnc/Drk 37, Rest below 20.

HP 1


Combat Skills
H2H 8
Katana 2
Eva 4

Critical Hit Rate 4

Double Attack Rate 4

Counter Rate 5
Kick Attack Rate 5
Mantra 1
Formless Strikes 1
Invigorate 2
Penance 1

Craft Levels: WW 58, Smith 55 (Main), Gold 35, Alch 28, Bone 16, Leather 12, Cloth/Cook 3

Preferred Job(s): Mnk is most geared/Merited. But WAR would be 2nd. But can use any really.

ZM you are on: Completed

PM you are on: Completed

Dynamis Xarc Access? Xarc Yes not beated Dyna Lord. Attempted 3 times on Ifrit server.

CoP Dynamis flags: Dyna Tavn Access too

ToAU Mission: Completed

Assault Rank: Currently on Chief Sergeant Mission

City(s) & Rank: Sandy 10, Thinking of going to windy to start that.

Previous Linkshells: On Bismark: UltimaValor (Now currently known as Ragnarok, soon to change again) Ifrit Server: Phoenix Down, Gravity Zero, Final Destination, Melior, TheThreeKingdoms.

Reason for leaving your current LS: They run in PST time, Im GMT(UK) Events started at 1:40am was bit much for me to handle, due to time diff and work.

If you have transferred from another server, please give your old character name if different and reason for moving: Sanjiyan, My wife n i moved for a new change.

Previous Endgame experience: Killed Everything in sky many many many times, Sea: Killed all NMs bar from AV lol. Salvage: with ultimavalor did 5 times a week, All Salvage areas. Kings: ive camped many times never claimed. Killed Behemoth 6 times, Adamantoise Ive solo`d as MNK/DNC! Killed many many times, Still no EGG /cry.
COP Wyrms: Ouryu fought about 4 times, Bahamut V1 killed not fought V2 as of yet. ToAU HNMs: Killed Cerberus, Fought Khimaria three times never killed, Never fought Hydra except in Nzyle Isle. Einherjar: Not completed 1st part as of yet.

Notable Equipment/Gear sets for your jobs: Shura Body/Legs/Head. Kirin`s Osode/Pole. Mnk relic 4/6 (Head and Cape Still to Obtain) Genbu`s Kabuto, Byak Haid/Axe, Adaman Feet, Heca feet abj (in Storage). WAR Relic Gloves (All i wanted for war) 2/3 on Blackbelt items (Egg needed) Temple Hose/Crown +1 (Chi). Seriyu`s Kote/Sword, Suzy Feet (Chi), Boxer`s Mantle, Ethereal Earring.

Playing Times: 5pm > most likely 12am or 1am at latest, later if im not tired enough. But start time Varies also.

Reason for choosing SpartanS: More suited to my time zone, rather than prevouse PST time.

What your goals are while you are with SpartanS: Enjoy game and Help out best i can.

Personal Background: I`m 28 years old, Live in Scotland UK, Enagaged due to be married in June 09. Been playing FFXI since came out in NA (Imported it over) Deleted 1 char previouse to this current one.

Name of Member who referred you (if applicable): Talked to Dreauce, said to apply online.
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Merit time!

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PostSubject: Re: Sanjiyan App   Sun Jul 27, 2008 3:10 am

cheers GL on you App. Surprised


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PostSubject: Re: Sanjiyan App   Sun Jul 27, 2008 2:20 pm

Welcome to SpartanS. Please see Brenton, Gra, Praxis, Sixo or myself for a trial pearl.

im on SM as well lets do some assults lol!
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Location : Oban, Scotland
Registration date : 2008-07-17

PostSubject: Re: Sanjiyan App   Sun Jul 27, 2008 3:21 pm

Sure Assults sounds good idea Very Happy and thankyou cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Sanjiyan App   

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Sanjiyan App
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